Joe Murphy Night At Old Dominion Speedway 9/17/11


Joe Murphy, David Polenz and Jeff Polenz

Joe Murphy, David Polenz and Jeff Polenz

Anyone who knows Joe Murphy, whether as family, friend,
co-worker or whatever the nature of your relationship with him, you know he is
a loving husband, a wonderful involved father, a dear son, a caring brother,
and always, above all, a good friend.

On Monday, August 8th, 2011, the lives of Joe, his wife
Keely, and their three beautiful daughters as well as the lives of all of his
family, friends and co-workers suddenly changed. While at home, Joe suffered an
acute hemorrhagic stroke which has affected the left side of his brain. After
weeks of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, he has use
of his left side, is beginning to regain partial use of his right side, is now
walking with a cane and continues to make progress with speech, as well as
continuing to exceed all expectations in delivering miracles on a daily basis.
For those of you who know Joe, he is a fighter! And “fighting to win”
is exactly what he is doing during his recovery.

As many of you know, Joe was a businessman and worked
primarily in Sales and Marketing. Joe’s speech is currently impaired and it is
unknown at this time if his ability to speak will be restored.

As far as Joe’s recovery, every moment is a waiting game. He
has a long road of rehabilitation ahead of him, and every day will have its
successes and challenges for both him and his family.

In addition to his dedication in Sales and Marketing with On
The Run Convenience stores/Circle K, Joe has also dedicated a great deal of
time contributing to the successful sponsorship of Racer David Polenz, and
supporting his home track Old Dominion Speedway. Joe has worked to bring
business to the race track, has taken the lead in On The Run sponsoring events,
like the Tornados 100 and Miller High Life Military Appreciation 150 races at
Old Dominion this season and there are few racers and staff that do no know who
Joe Murphy is.

Joe is also heavily involved in many charities in the area
and always looking to give back to the community. Most recently, he took the
lead in organizing a bicycle giveaway to 10 students of Loch Lomond Elementary
School in Manassas, VA. His efforts inspired the school to organize an essay
writing contest, with 10 children being selected to attend the Old Dominion
Speedway race, as well as each student receiving a bicycle provided by On The
Run and David Polenz Racing. This is only one of the many activities Joe has
been involved with this year.

In support of Joe and his family and the new challenges they
will be faced with, please join the Old Dominion Speedway and its staff along
with David Polenz Racing in returning the favor of Joe’s generosity to the
community and people in general and honor him at Joe Murphy night, on Saturday,
September 17th. This night features Old Dominion’s final round track race of
the 2011 season, known as “The Big One”. During the races,
collections will be taken in honor of Joe and his family to assist with their
medical bills and any other expenses that need to be cared for during this time
of adjustment and recovery.

Come on out and support Joe and his family for the Old
Dominion Season Closer Race on 9/17/2011.

If you are not able to make the race, or would like to
support Joe and his family, there is a website that has been set up to take
Although it is a PayPal web site, you do not need to have a PayPal account to
make a donation.